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spring flowers

To florists, spring is the most wonderful time of year. After a long winter where greenery and a few hardy blossoms reigned supreme, spring in NZ sees vibrant flowers blooming left, right and centre. Pops of colour grow in gardens, show up in bridal bouquets and grace the tables of restaurants and cafés.

To celebrate this stunning season, the team at Cherrywood Florist in Tauranga wanted to shine the spotlight on what we love to see, plant and sell in spring.

We love to see…

In Tauranga, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm weather, which means that flowers are in abundance right now. We absolutely love to see these springtime show-offs:

Rhododendrons – coming in anything from deep red to white to soft apricot, the dramatic flowers on this beautiful evergreen are a real show-stealer in early spring.

Stretzilia – who can resist the playfulness of stretzilia, also known as Birds of Paradise, and the tropical feel they bring to the yard?

We love to plant…

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran, a professional florist or an amateur gardener, there’s no time like the present to get your hands dirty and plant your own gardenful of flowers. Now’s the time to plant:

Lavender – easy to grow, fragrant and pretty to boot, lavender is a great garden addition. Plant in a sunny location with good drainage.

Sunflowers – an unmatched family favourite, quick-growing sunflowers add cheer, vibrancy and fun to your yard.

Petunias – perfect for pots or planters lining your deck, petunias are easy to plant, flower frequently and come in a huge variety of colours.

We love to deliver…

If you want to send flowers to a loved one or simply liven up your home with a beautiful bouquet, spring brings so many options. Try:

Cheerful colour combos – like the florals found in our Bright and Sunny Bouquet or Cherrywood Signature Hat Box.

A little something extra – toss in a bar of beach soap, a scented candle or a gourmet chocolate to take your flowers to the next level.

A bit of personality – pop into our florist shop in Cherrywood, Tauranga and customise your own unique springtime flower arrangement.