Summer is upon us, finally! After a challenging year, what’s better than warmth, holidays, celebrations and summer’s beautiful nature and blooms. Summer brings a multitude of New Zealand flowers to bloom, from timeless classics to new trends, you can pick and choose summer flowers for gifts, festivities or simply to add more joy to your home in the warmer and festive months.

Monthly flower blooms

Every month of the year a different variety of florals takes the spotlight. November is known as peony season and they are soon snapped up countrywide. December invites in an array of vibrant varieties such as gladiolus arrangements, hydrangeas and festive lilies. January overflows with more lilies, along with dahlias. In February expect to see carnations, daisies and snapdragons. Many of the flowers across the Summer seasons are available for a few weeks or months, making it an abundant time to have access to lively and alluring bouquets.

Timeless classics

Hydrangeas, a popular floral from the 1920s to ‘50s, have come “back in vogue” now as a timeless classic. As they bloom in summer, they are an elegant and stylish choice and are loved by all generations. Luckily roses bloom all around, and you really can never go wrong with roses, with colours and varieties to suit every mood and occasion, these timeless classics make a beautiful addition to any bouquet, or stand strong on their own. Currently, dried flowers are very popular and make a lovely gift for someone as they will last for a very long time.

Festive florals

The summer months in New Zealand call for Christmas and New Year festivities. When you shut your eyes and think of Christmas flowers and scents, often you’ll be taken to pine and lilies. Christmas lilies are found in many homes over the festive season and make a delightful gift. When it comes to decorating your Christmas table or home, a bunch of flowers goes a long way in cultivating the festive spirit and adding to the merry atmosphere.

Joyful flower bouquets

You won’t find it hard to find bright, colourful and blooming bouquets over the summer months. It’s a plentiful time to amp up the summer spirit with bursts of vibrant blooms. Some flowers you simply just look at and feel joyful, such as sunflowers which invoke happiness. Every flower has its own mood, memories and ambience.

Native beauties

Natives have taken a front seat in floristry the last handful of years and are a trending option over the summer months. In New Zealand, we are lucky to have endless beautiful native flowers and greenery that really brings bouquets to life with a naturally elegant look. Native foliage can really change the style of a bunch of blooms.

At Cherrywood florist, a team of hands-on Tauranga florists, we support New Zealand grown flowers. We’ve curated a full range of flowers to suit any occasion and if you have any specific requirements or ideas we can create your dream summer bouquet.