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A Florist’s Guide to Keeping Your Flowers Fresh for Longer

Bouquets are beautiful, but the reality is, they aren’t potted plants – eventually they will dry out. But that doesn’t mean it has to happen the day after they arrive! If you want to keep your flowers looking fresh for as long as possible, follow these six tips from the team at Cherrywood Florist. Use flower food We send our flowers out to their new homes with a packet of plant food, and this tiny little sachet is incredibly valuable. Flower food has all the ingredients necessary to slow the growth of fungi and bacteria in order to keep flowers at...


Our Florists’ Favourite Autumn Flowers for Every Occasion

Autumn is a season of crisper mornings, brilliant colours and beautiful blooms. At Cherrywood Florist, it’s also one of the busiest times of year, with Mother’s Day falling during this vibrant season. Here are our florists’ top tips to embrace autumnal flowers for every occasion. Autumn weddings The cooler autumn days make for stunning weddings, more comfortable photo sessions and beautiful centre pieces and bridal bouquets. Embrace the colours of the season and opt for flowers featuring deep purples and burgundies, or go with a regal wedding theme, making the most of the brilliant golds, yellows and oranges available right now....


Five Occasions Where Only Flowers Will Do

From certain holidays to celebrations to sending sympathy, there are times when flowers are an absolute necessity. Here’s five such occasions – along with professional advice on which flowers to choose. If you’re in need of beautiful blooms in Tauranga, speak to the team at Cherrywood Florist. Valentine’s Day Topping this list is a very timely reminder that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner! There’s really nothing that compares to a beautiful bouquet of Valentines Day flowers and some chocolates to make your partner feel special on the day of love. Tip: think outside the box! Unless your partner is a...


Five Floral Trends to Look Out for This Summer

Summer is upon us, finally! After a challenging year, what’s better than warmth, holidays, celebrations and summer’s beautiful nature and blooms. Summer brings a multitude of New Zealand flowers to bloom, from timeless classics to new trends, you can pick and choose summer flowers for gifts, festivities or simply to add more joy to your home in the warmer and festive months. Monthly flower blooms Every month of the year a different variety of florals takes the spotlight. November is known as peony season and they are soon snapped up countrywide. December invites in an array of vibrant varieties such as...


Our Florists’ Favourite Springtime Blooms

To florists, spring is the most wonderful time of year. After a long winter where greenery and a few hardy blossoms reigned supreme, spring in NZ sees vibrant flowers blooming left, right and centre. Pops of colour grow in gardens, show up in bridal bouquets and grace the tables of restaurants and cafés. To celebrate this stunning season, the team at Cherrywood Florist in Tauranga wanted to shine the spotlight on what we love to see, plant and sell in spring. We love to see… In Tauranga, we are blessed with plenty of sunshine and warm weather, which means that flowers are...


Why There’s Never Been a Better Time to Send Flowers

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a tough year. Families have been separated, couples have put off their weddings and we’ve all lived through an unprecedented five-week lockdown. Yet, in the face of all the uncertainty, Tauranga flower experts Cherrywood Florist has seen something beautiful – a resurgent in sending flowers for no particular reason. We love this! There has never been a better time to send flowers than right now, and here’s why. Be kind NZ’s motto during lockdown was ‘be kind’ and we think this was a great way to remind Kiwis that we are all in this together....